I: Hello Meteor-Thoughts On The Rain Season* (Seattle,WA) -> The Ambient Visitor-Astronomical* (Manchester, UK artist Brin Coleman) -> Steve Oliver & Craig Tattersall-Turntable,Speaker,Microphone,Tape Loop System & Piano -> sea:side-Gigli* (off of Riot As A Game. Bologna, Italy. Duo)

II: Christopher Hanlon-Petrichor* (New album “Dreaming Of Summer In Winter”) -> Dr Lammerbein-Furthest Away From Home I’ve Ever Been (just recently began producing.no computers used) -> Sugar Rush-Opening 7* (off “Music For Movies”, Berkeley,CA) post rock

III: Newfound Eden-Method* (California, New album “Lost Transponder”) -> AVA MAY-Patio Furniture* (St Louis, MO) -> Pyroglyphics-Sieze The Day* -1686 (Chillwave from album “Bird Of Passage”) -> Akusmi-Longing For Tomorrow* -1688 (off new album Fleeting Future, multi instrumentalist Pascal Bideau)

IV: Dr Lammerbein-They Should Have Sent A Poet* (upcoming off “Trip Reports, a sonic retelling of his psychedelic experiences) ->Hello Meteor-Light Between Structures -> Alkove-Again* (off “Cabin Jams” Calgary, Alberta) -> Lucky Sun-Vocobolo Resano* -1687 (Downtempo from Tom Lown)