The Ambient Hour

“The Ambient Hour”, hosted by Sweeping Views, is a freeform expression happening every week that sounds like NOTHING on the station, yet fits in like a glove.

Airing with an emphasis on all things ambient, you can hear the show every Sunday at 9 AM/11 PM ET and Wed at 9 AM ET.

“The Ambient Hour” is produced by Alan Venitosh, TELEFUNKEN Mics

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Sweeping Views

Sweeping Views was born from a love of all things experimental, ambient, and altogether out-there. Originally from CT, now living in Philadelphia, he has toured internationally as a DJ bringing together many flavors from many different genres of music.

JEMP Radio has given him the freedom to conduct “The Ambient Hour”.


Ambient Hour 2-20-22

I: Lemaa-We Never Knew You -> LYON-sunflowersmoonforever -> Art of Noise-Bored On A Sunday II: Languid Lost-Staring Into Nothing And...

Ambient Hour 2-13-22

The Gnarled Remains Of Hope Paul Ebhart - As Doors Open Into Space Felicia Atkinson - Hope Alarm Tribes Of Nerot - Trial Michael Speers - Voice...