Organic Jam

“The Organic Jam”, hosted by Mike Akers, introduces listeners to mind-bending freeform radio, heavily influenced by jam and indie rock scenes.

Creating a digital adventure for listeners, “The Organic Jam” strives to recreate the experience of flipping through bins of LPs in a dusty record shop or flea market.

It’s all about discovery, and each week’s playlists feature new-to-us music, as well as older vintage recordings.

Tune in to “The Organic Jam” Sundays at 7 PM ET.


  • about The Host

Obsessed with music from an early age, Mike’s interest in radio broadcasting began a few years after hearing freeform radio on The Bunny FM at Phish’s second consecutive summer festival in Limestone, ME (The Lemonwheel). The program was so different from the commercial and classic rock radio formats that a new world opened up and he changed his radio listening routine. 

Once he had access to a terrestrial college radio station, “The Organic Jam” was born. In addition to hosting “The Organic Jam,” Mike has also published blog posts on, and print show reviews punched in Surrender to the Flow Magazine.


Organic Jam 7-24-22

Garden of Eden – Kalu & The Electric Joint Hello Chic – Mela Femmina # Cool, Nice. – Cobra Man Golden Prawn – Wet Satin Stompin &...

Organic Jam 7-10-22

Tau Special – The Movers Jukebox Babe – Alan Vega # The Real – The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Fire Doesn’t Grow on Trees El Jardín – The Black...

Organic Jam 7-3-22

Batacundo Mesmo – Bola Sete – Piteuzinho Give Me Time – Sunny & The Sunliners – Viva Mi Triestesa # take it back (ft. Beck) – JAWNY Madison...

Organic Jam 6-26-22

Green Frog – The Natural Yogurt Band Ef – Chanel Beads # These Days – Drew Foust TOUMARO – BKO Be A Little Wiser – Justin Thurgur – Many Faces...

Organic Jam 6-19-22

A Breath of Fresh Air – Scout Island – Laurentian Voyage March of the Crabs – Los Dedos – March of the Crabs EP # Funeral Solution – Osees – A Foul...

Organic Jam 6-5-22

The Lark Leaped In – Raymond Scott – A Million Dreams Ago 10 minutes late – Isaac MacKenzie # Kahbi – El Michels Affair/Piya Malik Spring’s Theme –...